11.02.2020 10:06:37

Gsiesertal Lauf Trentino Italia Sat.15.2.2020 45/30 km Classic /16.2.2020 45/30km Free

Ilma: +4....-3°C Lumi: 0...-3°C Ilmankosteus: 70...90%


Harrastelijan voitelu

Kelivoitelu: Start AllTemp MF fluor universal glider

Clean the base with wax remover. Melt Start Alltemp MF glider onto the glide zones.

Let cool well, scrape and brush well. Polish with polishing fiber.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start AllTemp MF Universal fluorinated glider

Kelivoitelu: Start HFxt Purple (-2...-8C) liquid or solid glider

Pintavoitelu: Start SFR40 (+5...-5) or HF5 (+5...-3C) powder

Melt the Start AllTemp MF gllider onto the base. Srcape and brush well. Apply Start HFxt Purple glider onto the glide zones. Iron solid glider and cork the liquid glider with roto. Let cool, scrape, brush and polish well.

Apply powder onto the glide zones. Iron with hot iron, cork with roto after ironing. Scrape and brush well.

Polish carefully with cloth.


Harrastelijan voitelu

Kelivoitelu: Start Grip tape original (+5...-20C)

Apply Start Grip tape onto the kick zone. Tear off cover papers. If fresh snow promised, apply layer of

Start Tar Red (0...-3C) onto the Grip Tape (colled ski from cooled can) and smoothen slight with cork.

Kilpahiihtäjän voitelu

Alusvoitelu: Start Base wax thin layer

Kelivoitelu: Start Universal Wide klister (+10...-5C)

Pintavoitelu: Start FHF60 (-1...-5 C)

Apply thin layer of Start base wax. Iron if needed.

Apply Start Universal Wide klister layer onto the grip zone.

Let cool outside and cover with Start FHF60 kick wax. ( from cooled can to cooled ski outside)